• an exciting Jules Verne style adventure
  • explore a large cave with experienced speleologists
  • zipline over an underground lake
  • Half-day tour

In this underground adventure, our experienced guides will take you on an unforgettable 2,5-3 h tour suited for grown-ups, kids and beginners of all ages. Before we descend underground our guides will make an introduction about how to use the basic equipment necessary for Cave-adventure and give details about possible obstacles and how to overcome them in the easiest way. We’ll start our adventure with a mild descent trail to the canyon of the Pazinčica riverbed and the entrance to the cave. The underground part of the trail is about 200m long and it ends with a big hall and an underground lake 80 m long. There are two small ziplines inside the cave, one of which will transfer you to a small Island (sandbar) of the underground lake. Ziplining inside a cave will be a unique and truly unforgettable experience. The total height difference is approximately 118 m, and the total lenght of the trail is about 800 m one way.

After the adventure, we’ll have lunch at a nearby restaurant, and after lunch there will be free time. We strongly recommend you use the free time to end this exciting adventure with ziplining the four lines (total of 660 m) over the canyon of the Pazinčica riverbed and Pazin cave (optional, surcharge 160 kn). Zip line is also suitable for children and adults.

Included: transfer, Professional guide for the cave-adventure, equipment, lunch

Note: It is necessary to bring appropriate sport shoes and extra clothes, as well as it is recommended to wear light long sleeves because it’s colder inside (about 15°C)

Minimum number of persons:

Price per person: 310 kn

Not Available
Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 1 day
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