Terms of service


* The general terms of service are an integral part of the contract between Borghese d.o.o. Monte Paradiso 21, Pula; OIB: 18163507302 MB: 0844730 ID CODE: HR-AB- 52-040113373 as a tourist agency Borghese tours and a guest who accepts selected tourist service. All that is stated in the General Terms is a legal obligation both for the guest and for Borghese d.o.o.

* The Agency acts as a (mediator) in the sale of accommodation capacities in private and hotel accommodation as well as in providing other services related to the organization of excursions at home and abroad. In addition, the agency has its own arrangements and products with which it performs independently. Booking and payment of accommodation inquiries and reservations are accepted exclusively by electronic means or by arrival at the agency. After that, the client gets acquainted with all the necessary information regarding the accommodation and the method of advance payment. The remaining part is payable not later than 21 days. If the payment is not made within the specified time, the agency reserves the right to cancel the reservation and inform the client in writing.

*Upon receipt of the entire amount of the selected service, the guest will be forwarded to the vaucher with the specified contracted and paid services. Vaucher serves solely as proof of a reservation service provided.

*The guest is obliged to deliver the vaucher upon arrival at the accommodation facility, and on the basis of the vaucher will be provided reserved services. If more than one person is booked in the booked accommodation unit as indicated on the travel documents (vaucher), the service provider has the right to deny accommodation to unaddressed guests or to accept all guests at an extra charge of unannounced guest on the spot.

*By paying the reservation the guest confirms that he is fully acquainted with all the characteristics and conditions under which the accommodation unit is offered. Upon payment of the reservation, the guest confirms that he accepts the General terms and conditions of the accommodation service. By the very same nature of the payment of the reservation all that is stated under these conditions becomes a legal obligation both for the guest and Borghese d.o.o.

*Only basic accommodation costs are included in the service price, and all other services such as final cleaning, pets and one-time charges are charged separately and are paid immediately.

*Foreign clients make payments to the agency's foreign currency account. The amount you will be charged for your foreign credit card has been received By converting the currencies into Euros (EUR) in the kuna (HRK) according to the current exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank (CNB) on the day of purchase. When you charge on your credit card, the same amount will be converted to your local currency at the rate of the Card Association.

*All credit card payments will be charged by converting the euro into the kuna at the middle exchange rate for the CNB currency, and there is a small possibility of deviation from the original price quoted on the agency's official website.



In accordance with Article 6 Paragraph 1. toč.3. Of the Law on Provision of Services in Tourism NN BR.130 / 17 written complaint of the consumer can be filed:

– written in the business offices

mail to info@borghese-tours.com or

-send to the agency’s address Borghese d.o.o., Monte Paradiso 21, Pula Croatia

The complainant’s complaint against the service provider without delay in writing will confirm the receipt of the complaint and in writing to reply to the complaint within 15 days from the day of receipt of the complaint.
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